Saving when buying electronics is often complicated. To me, the seller at the store is often the reason why – it seems like he just wants me to buy the most expensive product with the longest warranty so he can get his commission.

So that’s why in my opinion the first step to saving on electronics is to be prepared. Temptations to spend more will be everywhere once you get to the store, especially if you like electronics. Another way is to shop online. If you’re the type of person like me who doesn’t like to be pressured when buying, making your purchases online is pretty much the only way to ensure that you’re the one and only master of your shopping cart. You really only have yourself to blame when you shop online and there’s no pressure buying involved.

The products that are marketed for you, aren’t necessarily always the ones you need

This was a big realization for me after I bought a ton of supposedly “high-end” products that dropped the ball on me. Being an office worker doesn’t mean you only need to buy items designed for the office and being a gamer doesn’t mean you can’t play with a mouse that doesn’t cost $90. There are ways to get your needs met without paying a high price for what is implied on the box. Check out the products outside of your niche and if ones does indeed fit the tasks you’re looking to do for a lesser price, then by all means go for it. Read reviews online and get the real deal on products. Even Amazon customer reviews can give you a quick idea of which products deliver on their marketing campaigns.

Don’t go for the extended warranty

Once you don’t get caught up in the more expensive product lines, it’s easier to refuse that extended warranty – just buy the product back if it breaks. If you go for a $500 laptop with no warranty instead of a $800 one with a $200 extended warranty, you can buy two of the first laptop for the same price… and if everything goes fine you get to keep the money you would’ve used on the warranty. I don’t like to think I’m “taking bets” on electronics product prices like that, but when the bet makes you a winner in pretty much every way, you better take it. The seller might come back at you with various reasoning, facts and techniques to make you buy the extended warranty, but don’t bite for it unless you think you really need it.

Finally, the best way to save on electronics is to sell your old stuff! (and take care of it before you do) Remember that some people are only looking to pay the bare minimum for some electronic products, and you could really make some people happy by hooking them up with a good deal before you head to the store to save yourself.