What is the best way to use Twitter? The answer to that question is that there isn’t a “best way”. Almost everyone uses Twitter for something different, and does so in their own unique way. After all, we’re all snowflakes. If you follow a lot of people, or are followed by a lot of people (or both), you might find yourself in need of a way to manage Twitter followers. Here are just a few ways of doing so.

The Manual Way to Manage Twitter Followers

This is the Twitter way of doing things. To do this either go to your followers list or the following list (depending on which on you want to manage). These can be found on the Me tab on the Twitter website. Twitter Me Tab

Once there you can follow or unfollow by clicking on the buttons next to the names on the list. You can tell you’re already following someone if the button says unfollow. If it says follow then you are not following them. You can also use these pages to get more info about those specific people. Simply click on their name and a small popup will appear. This will give you some of their tweets, their follower counts and bio. It will also tell you if they are following you back.

The bad part about this method, is that ti can take forever if you have a ton of followers or if you’re following a ton of people. If that’s the case, you might want to check out the automatic method below.

The Automatic Way to Manage Twitter Followers

This method uses a web app called JustUnfollow. It is a freemium service, which means that you can use it for free, but only for so many unfollows/follows per day. The premium account lifts the restrictions, but can be costly, so only subscribe if it’s worth it for you. You can also cheat a bit by going to the site every day.

Manage Twitter Followers With JustUnfollow

First go to the website. Then click “sign in with Twitter”, then authorize the app on the Twitter page that comes up. It will automatically show you people who you follow who are not following you back (in other words, non-followers). You can go through and unfollow these people. You do have to do it one at a time, because Twitter does not allow apps that bulk unfollow/follow. It is very fast to do, so just click away.

You can also see people who follow you that you don’t follow. This can be done under the “Fans” tab in the sidebar.


So that’s how you manage Twitter followers. There are many other apps out there besides JustUnfollow that allow you manage Twitter followers in this way. There are even some out there that allow you to do bulk unfollowing and following, but those will be shut down when Twitter catches them, since that is against the Terms of Service. The absolute best way to manage Twitter followers is to not wait until you need to do it. Do it as you go along, so it doesn’t become such a hassle. That can save you money, since most tools like JustUnfollow require a monthly payment after you reach their daily limits.

How do you manage Twitter followers? Talk back in the comments below!

– By Matt Weber