The Windows desktop is a bit depreciated in Windows 8. If you still use Windows 7, there are several ways you can customize the look of your OS beyond the wallpaper. One of these is to change the size of the icons on the desktop. This is especially useful if you have eyesight problems, or you just like bigger icons. If you want to change the size of your icons here’s how to do it in WIndows 7.

Things We Assume

You have icons to resize

You know how to right-click

You have WIndows 7 (should work on Windows 8 Desktop too, but will look different)

Things You’ll need

Icons to resize

Step 1

Right click on your desktop. NOT ON AN ICON.

Step 2

A contextual menu will appear. Hover over the view item. 550px-Make-Your-Desktop-Icons-Small,-Big,-or-Invisible-Step-2

Step 3

Choose the option you want. You can choose from small, medium, and large. If the choice you make doesn’t work, repeat the process and choose another.


And that is all there is to it. Very simple way to make your icons larger on Windows. Obviously this is less helpful the more icons you have, as the larger they are the more cluttered your desktop will be. So if you get to that point, you can simply make your icons smaller by following the same process.

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By Matt Weber