Got Error 9006 when trying to update your iPhone or iPad? Find the quick fix here!

If you got the error 9006 when trying to update your iPhone in iTunes and can’t figure out what the problem is, then don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out, read on and I’ll show you the quick and simple way to fix the error!

How to fix iTunes error 9006

The error 9006 in iTunes is referred to as the ‘Network Switched Off Error’ as the error code 9006 points to a network connection issue when trying to download the software update in iTunes.iPhone Error 9006

The cause of the error 9006 is typically an anti-virus program installed on your computer that blocks the Apple software update from downloading properly.

In order to fix the cause of error 9006, you’ll have just three quick steps to do so let’s get started!

The Quick Way To Fix Error 9006:

  1. Temporarily disable your anti-virus software. This can usually be done on a Windows computer by right clicking on the status tray icon of your anti-virus program and clicking ‘Disable”.
  2. Re-attempt the software update in iTunes – since your anti-virus is temporarily disabled, it should not block the software from downloading properly. Please note that while your anti-virus is temporarily disabled, restrain from browsing the internet and/or opening emails.
  3. Enable your anti-virus – Assuming that you were able to successfully update your Apple device without seeing the error 9006 message pop up, you can now enable your anti-virus program again.

This should resolve the error 9006 in iTunes for you, it works 99%of the time when people have this issue, but if not, let me know!

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– By Jim Sabellico