Is Facebook Telling You That Your Email Address Is Invalid?

What do you do if Facebook keeps telling you that you have an invalid email address when you are trying to sign up, but you know you don’t? How do you fix this issue and stop the invalid email address errors? It’s easy! Just read on and I’ll show you how!

How to fix the invalid email address error in Facebook

Let’s start with the very basics of this invalid email address error in Facebook – it may even not be an error at all.

You see as part of Facebook’s policy against businesses or organizations creating fake personal Facebook profile pages, Facebook will outright deny anyone trying to create an account using an email address which could be directly linked to a business, such as or, or anything similar.

So if you are getting the error message telling you that you’ve ‘entered an invalid email‘ or ‘your email address is invalid’, and you are using a business email like explained above, then all you need to do is sign up using a non-business associated email address

Now if that’s not the case for you, and you are seeing this same type of error message when using a regular email address such as or, then there is something you can do about it.

According to Facebook’s official support page on this error, the first thing you should do is make sure that you are spelling your email address correctly – for the most part I’d assume you are, but just to be sure go ahead and double check that everything is spelled correctly, especially the part after the @ sign.

Once you’ve checked that everything is spelled correctly and Facebook is still telling you that your email address is invalid, you’re next step is to report this error to Facebook.Facebook Invalid Email Address Error

Visit the Invalid Email Address Error submission form on Facebook’s support pages which will allow you to enter your email address and a brief description of what went wrong.

Once you’ve filled this form out and hit the ‘Send’ button, the only thing left for you to do is sit back and wait.

Unfortunately, there’s really nothing else you can do beyond that to troubleshoot this issue as you must wait for Facebook to classify your email address as valid.

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– By Jim Sabellico