Do you need to know how to force quit an application on Mac?

While Mac computers typically run applications very well, you still may run into a situation where an application freezes, and you need to “force quit” it.  Force quiting an application may be necessary where the application becomes unresponsive, and will not quit or close normally.

How to force quit an application on Mac…

Most of the applications you install on your iMac, MacBook, or other Mac typically go through rigorous testing before landing in the Apple “App Store”, however even the best applications may still freeze up if they run into a problem.

Typical reasons for an application freezing up can include; having too many applications open and running at the same time, if your computer doesn’t have enough memory available to run the application; your computer needs critical updates installed; or various other quirks that cause the application to become unresponsive.  Whatever the reason for your application freezing, you still need to close it before you can do anything else, so how do you force quit an application on Mac?

Well, you have a couple options to force quit an application on Mac, but we’ll cover the basics here.

The first option, is to simply right click on the application icon in your dock, and select “Force Quit”.  (If you aren’t sure how to right click, read this article: “How do i right click on a Mac?“)

Your second option to force quit an application on Mac is to perform the keyboard shortcut. To force quit an application on Mac using the keyboard shortcut, simply press and hold the Command, Option, and Escape keys together for three seconds, and you will see the application force quit.

Force Quit Keyboard Shortcut

How to force quit an application on Mac

It’s important to note here that this keyboard shortcut will force quit the foremost application, so if you have another program window open in front of the application that’s frozen, you will want to minimize it first, otherwise you will force quit the wrong program.


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– By Jim Sabellico