Do you need help removing a virus from your computer?

If you’ve ever gotten a virus on your computer, you know the feeling… it’s terrible! All of the sudden programs stop responding, you can’t access your files, and you fear for losing everything. Computer virus’s range from basic advertisements to entire system crippling, but no matter what kind of virus you get, just follow the steps here, and you’ll have your computer back up and running in no time flat.

How to remove a virus from your computer…

The very first thing you want to do if you think you have a virus on your computer is save any important or open documents you have, and shut down your computer. You’ll want to do this to prevent whatever virus you have from digging any deeper into your computer or files, and corrupting any of your files. Your next step will be to restart your computer in Safe Mode, and run Malwarebytes to find and remove whatever virus is infecting your computer.

Malwarebytes Anti Virus Software

Please note that it is very important to always keep Malwarebytes up to date with the latest virus definitions so that the program can perform effectively.  If you haven’t setup the Malwarebytes software on your computer yet, click here to get started now, or here to read my review.


After you open and run the Malwarebytes anti virus software, any virus on your computer will be detected and automatically quarantined allowing you to remove them safely. If your scan does not find any results, make sure that your virus definitions are up to date, and scan again.  If you are unable to connect to the internet, you’ll need to download updates on a different computer, and save them to a flash drive for use on the computer that has the virus.

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