Do you need help changing your name on Instagram?

In an earlier post I covered how to change your name on Facebook, but what do you do if you need to change your name on Instagram? Finding the option inside the app can be confusing but don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the process step by step!

How to change your name on Instagram…

Using your real name on Instagram makes it easy for people to find your photos and follow your activity, but if you need to change your name at some point in time due to a marriage, divorce, legal name change, you got bored of your old user name, or whatever your reason is, read along and I’ll show you how to change your name on Instagram.

To change your name on Instagram;

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Tap on the profile button on the bottom right on the screen – it looks like a business card
  3. Tap ‘Edit Your Profile’ as shown in the image below. Note the name fields numbered 1 & 2 in the image below, these are your display name and your user name respectively. I’ll show you how to change them in the next step.Instagram Profile Screen
  4. On this screen, you can edit all of the info in your profile such as your display name, user name, and bio. To edit the information in the fields, just tap on the field you wish to edit, and use the keyboard to edit the text.Change Name On Instagram

The first field (#1 in the image above) is your display name, which is most commonly used as your first and last name, but you can put whatever you want here. The second field (#2 in the image above) is your user name, which is how people will find you when they search, and this is also how your name will appear when you like a photo or comment on a photo.

Once you’ve finished editing your profile, tap on the submit button to save your changes.  If the user name you’ve entered is already in use, you’ll be notified and forced to change to a user name that hasn’t been taken yet.

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– By Jim Sabellico