Want to know how to get your Twitter account verified?

If you’ve spent some time using Twitter, you’ve undoubtedly seen that most of the very popular celebrity and high profile Twitter accounts have a little blue check symbol or badge next to their name to indicate that they have been verified by Twitter as authentic accounts. So like most people on Twitter, your question is – I’m really who I say I am, how do I get verified by Twitter? Read on and I’ll explain how the whole thing really works.

How to get verified on Twitter…

Twitter will verify certain user accounts to help you identify that these accounts are authentic, so you know when you follow these celebrities or high profile people, you’re really following them, and not just one of their fans pretending to be them.

According to Twitter’s FAQ page, Twitter will proactively search out User accounts that are very popular and pose a high risk of being impersonated by other people, which for the most part typically means high profile celebrities, musicians, actors and similar types of accounts. These accounts will be verified by Twitter directly, and then will earn the little blue check mark badge like below to help people identify these accounts as legitimate.

Twitter Account Verified

So long story short, for the time being, you can not initiate the process of having your account verified by Twitter.

If the good folks at Twitter decide that your account has reached a point where you are either very popular among followers or that people may begin to impersonate you, then they will reach out to you and begin the verification process.

Becoming popular on Twitter or getting verified on Twitter isn’t something that happens overnight.  About all you can do to speed up the process is to keep being yourself, and keep being awesome. The more high quality content you provide, and the more value you provide to the Twitter community, the more people will follow you and the more popular your account will become.

So you can’t get verified by Twitter…how do you prove you are who you are?

If you have a Twitter account and you want to add some proof that your account is authentic, one thing you can do is to add a ‘follow’ button on your website or blog to guide people directly to your account. For help doing this, you can read Twitter’s official how-to HERE.

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