Do you want to know how to tag someone on Twitter?

With over 100 million active users on Twitter, chances are you are going to know someone and at some point in time, will want to tag, or mention, that person in one of your tweets. Unlike This functionality is built into Twitter, and using it is very simple once you know how to do it, so read on for the simple solution!

How to tag someone on Twitter…

To tag(mention) someone on Twitter, you would just need to type “@” followed by the Username of the person you want to tag in your tweet. When you tag someone on Twitter, that person will receive a notification that they were mentioned in your tweet, and they are then able to view the tweet you mentioned them in.

If you look at the screenshot below, you can see how tweets that I was mentioned in show up in a notification window. You’ll see that in order to mention or tag me on Twitter, these people typed “@JimSabellico” in their tweet. Although the tweets in this example all begin by using “@JimSabellico”, you can add a tag or mention anywhere within your tweet and it will notify the Twitter user you’ve tagged.

Twitter Tweets Mention Tag Someone

Example of tweets that mention “@JimSabellico”

You can tag or mention any user on Twitter you’d like since they don’t have to be following you in order for you to tag them. It’s important to note that in order to mention someone on Twitter, that person would need to already have a Twitter account, otherwise they wouldn’t see your tweet.

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– By Jim Sabellico