Kindle Fire Review

Does the Kindle Fire beat out the iPad and burn up the competition?

The Kindle Firekindle fire Does the Kindle Fire burn up the competition? is Amazon’s newest tablet/e-reader, and is the big brother to Amazon’s original smash hit Kindlekindle fire Does the Kindle Fire burn up the competition?. With it’s 7″ full color multi-touch display, speedy processor, unhindered access to Amazon’s library of movies, books, magazines, and games, plus it’s $199 price point, the Kindle Fire is poised to be the next biggest thing in tablets, but does it have what it takes to edge out the current market leaders? Read on to find out!

kindle fire Does the Kindle Fire burn up the competition?

Kindle Fire Features & Specs

When Amazon designed the Kindle Fire, it seems like they took a good look at the current tablet market, found its strengths, found its weaknesses, and then crafted the Kindle Fire to perfection. Featuring a full color 7″ touchscreen display, the display on this tablet is certainly crisp and clean. While not quite the “high-definition” of the new iPad’s retina display, the Kindle Fire’s display is more than enough to satisfy your need for an excellent picture, especially for its price.

For anyone who is a fan of Amazon.comkindle fire Does the Kindle Fire burn up the competition? already, you know that Amazon offers a tremendous library of digital media, including everything from books and magazines to movies and TV shows. The Kindle Fire does a tremendous job of leveraging Amazon’s large library of content and really allows you to take full advantage of everything Amazon has to offer. Plus, any content you purchased from Amazon gets stored in their cloud service for free, saving you lots of space and headaches.

Included with the purchase of a Kindle Fire is one free month of Amazon Primekindle fire Does the Kindle Fire burn up the competition?. Prime, a service by Amazon that normally sells for $72 per year entitles you to unbridled access to the Instant Video service, as well as free 2 day shipping on a huge number of items from Amazon. If you do a lot of shopping with Amazon, Prime is certainly worth it for shipping costs alone, so definitely check it out.

Another great feature Amazon has integrated into the Kindle Fire is Whispersync, Amazon’s nifty little tool that keeps a digital bookmark on your content so that you can always pick up right where you left off, even on a different device.  If you’ve been watching some of Amazon’s Instant Videokindle fire Does the Kindle Fire burn up the competition? on your computer at home, you can grab your Kindle Fire and pick up right where you left off once you hit the road. It’s a fairly small feature in the scheme of things, but definitely a nice touch for anyone who consumes a lot of digital media on the go. kindle fire Does the Kindle Fire burn up the competition?

For those people who need to be connected to their emails while they are on the go, the Kindle Fire also does a solid job of integrating email from most of the popular providers such as GMail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and more. The Fire’s built-in WiFi will keep you connected and up to date, even at fairly long distances thanks to the integration of 802.11N WiFi

How does the Kindle Fire stack up against the competition?

It’s no secret that the Kindle Fire’s biggest competition is the iPad, so does the combination of the Fire’s features plus it’s value price tag make it a winner? That depends…

If you are looking for a full featured e-reader with the ability to surf the web, check your emails, watch some movies and play a few games, then yes, I’d recommend the Kindle Fire whole heartedly. For $199, you really can’t beat the features and value the Kindle Fire offers in today’s tablet market.

While the Fire may not offer access to the same insane number of apps available in the Apple app store, everything from the email and web surfing to the media experience is above and beyond expectations, so for the price of $199, you certainly do get a tremendous amount of bang for your buck.

For more information, head over to Amazon.comkindle fire Does the Kindle Fire burn up the competition? now and check out Kindle Fire for yourself!

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– By Jim Sabellico