Olympus TG-810 Review

How does the Olympus TG-810 hold up under fire?

The Olympus TG-810 14 megapixel digital point and shoot camera is one tough and rugged piece of technology that’s right at home covered in dirt and mud. But how does it actually perform in the picture taking department? Read on to find out!

tg-810 The Olympus TG-810 Is One Tough Camera To Beat!

Olympus TG-810 Features & Specs

If you are the type of person who uses and abuses their photography equipment, or occasionally finds themselves in a less than ideal environment for your precious DSLR camera, the Olympus TG-810 is certainly worth taking a look at. The front of the TG-810 proudly displays a big “Tough” logo, and this little Olympus camera holds up to that name very well.

Designed to withstand some of the harshest conditions anyone would subject a digital camera to, the TG-810 is:

  • Waterproof: A unique system of water-proof gaskets and seals helps keep the water out so you can take pictures as deep as 33 feet underwater
  • Shockproof: The TG-810 has a durable metal body with an innovative shock absorbing technology that protects it from drops of up to 6.6 feet
  • Freezeproof: Excellent for skiing, snowboarding, sledding and other winter activities, the TG-810 is freezeproof down to 14deg. F/-10deg.C
  • Dustproof:  The tight fitting metal body and special gaskets of this TG-810 also make this camera dustproof.  If you get it dirty or dusty, just rinse it off
  • Crushproof: With its rugged body and reinforced LCD, the TG-810 is designed to withstand up to 220 pounds of pressure

Aside from being tough and durable, part of what makes a digital point and shoot camera great is the promise of simple picture taking that yields professional results. The Olympus TG-810 does pretty well in this department considering the target market is more adventure seeker than professional photographer.tg-810 The Olympus TG-810 Is One Tough Camera To Beat!

The TG-810 Tough point and shoot camera offers:

  • GPS: Perfect for the adventurer, the TG-810 will find your coordinates and attach them to your picture so you’ll always know exactly where you were when you took that amazing photo
  • 14 Megapixel: Capture all of your memories in full detail with 14 megapixel photos
  • 5x Optical Zoom: With 5x Optical Zoom, you can get up close and personal without putting your camera, or you, in harm’s way
  • 3D Pictures: Immerse yourself in 3D photos of your vacation when you use the TG-810 ‘s built in 3D picture taking mode
  • Panoramic Mode: Use the panoramic mode on the TG-810 to take breath taking panoramic photos just like the pro’s – without the hassle
  • 720p HD Video Recoding: Take quick 720p HD videos with the press of one button, and never miss that once in a lifetime moment again


Olympus TG-810 Summary

I have been using this TG-810 point and shoot pretty regularly for most of my “adventurous” vacations, and it has yet to fail me once. I’ve taken this tough point and shoot with me: camping, hiking, snorkeling, rafting, fishing, scuba-diving, and dozens of other places you wouldn’t dare take any other camera, and the results? Outstanding!

Picture quality when taking still photography with this camera has been great.  Like I said earlier, this camera is designed more for the adventure photographer rather than the wedding photographer (unless you’re having an underwater wedding!) so there have been some feature and design characteristics taken into consideration in order to keep this camera “Tough”. With that being said however, I was more than happy to use this camera even in less than adventurous settings, as the picture and video quality were pretty good for me.

I haven’t really gotten into the magic art settings, as I’d rather take unaltered photo’s and then do the magic later in Photoshop, so I can’t give you a great review of that, but I can’t imagine the magic art settings are truly a big selling point for this camera in the first place – they seem more like a bonus feature carried over from a less rugged Olympus model.

The video taking is nice at 720p HD resolution, and I really like that you can access the recording mode at anytime with the push of one button.  This feature makes it super quick and simply to catch those once in a lifetime moments you don’t want to miss.

Battery life has been pretty good, depending on whether you are taking just photos, photos and videos, or using the GPS extensively.  I’ve gotten around 6-7 straight hours of mixed photo and video taking on a few occasions, so for the average user, this should be more than enough to last through your daily abuse. I have found that using the GPS feature can put a drain on your battery in a hurry if you are in a poor reception area, so be mindful of turning that feature off if you don’t want to reference it later.

tg-810 The Olympus TG-810 Is One Tough Camera To Beat!With regard to being waterproof, dustproof, and freezeproof, I can personally confirm all three of those with a high degree of certainty.  Like I had said earlier, this camera has been with me through some interesting trips, and survived rather well with hardly a scratch on it.

One thing i certainly will recommend to you is the Olympus Float Strap. If you plan on taking this camera with you on any water adventures, you are most definitely going to want to pick one of these up.  While the TG-810 is a pretty feature packed camera, one thing it doesn’t do is float.  This strap is designed by Olympus to attach to your camera and solve that problem.

Think of it as a $10 insurance policy against watching your TG-810 sink helplessly into the deep blue sea.  I (and more so my wife) am very happy I picked up one of these before our honeymoon, otherwise we would have lost a boatload of once in a lifetime memories somewhere in the middle of the mediterranean sea.

While we’re on the topic of underwater photography – the TG-810 excels in this category, with excellent picture and video taking. I will admit, the first time I was about to dunk my brand new camera in the ocean I was a bit hesitant, but the TG-810 performed flawlessly. Color and clarity were as good as dry-land picture taking, and even the video was exceptional.

I have some of my photo’s taken with this camera up on my personal blog at www.JimSabellico.com if you’d like to see the kind of quality photos the Olympus TG-810 takes, head over now!

For more information on the Olympus TG-810, head over to Amazon.com now and check out the Olympus TG-810 for yourself!

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– By Jim Sabellico