Need to know how to put your iPhone in Airplane Mode?

Planning on traveling by airplane soon? Booked a trip out of the country? If you plan on taking your iPhone with you, then you need to read this before you travel and prevent yourself from coming home to a huge cell phone bill!

How to put your iPhone in to Airplane Mode…

If you’re planning on travelling by air, then you need to make sure you know how to put your iPhone in Airplane Mode.

Airplane Mode is a built-in option in your iPhone that makes it simple to shut off all cellular connectivity from your phone, allowing you to keep use of you phone while on board an airplane, so that you don’t interfere with any of the planes communications.

Another great time to use Airplane Mode would be if you are traveling out of country and don’t want to incur roaming charges on your phone bill.

You can simply turn your iPhone to Airplane Mode while you are traveling, and just use WiFi to access the internet, allowing you to still use your phone for things like Facebook or email, without having to worry about data or voice roaming charges.

To put your iPhone in to Airplane Mode:

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app.iPhone Settings App Icon
  2. The very first option at the top will say ‘Airplane Mode’, to enable it, just slide the switch next to it to ‘ON’.Apple iPhone Airplane Mode On Off Setting
  3. Once you’ve enabled Airplane Mode, you will see a small airplane icon appear in the top left corner of the screen where the carrier name and signal bars usually are. This confirms that your iPhone is in Airplane Mode.Apple iPhone Airplane Mode On Setting


It’s important to remember that when you put your iPhone in Airplane Mode, all cellular connectivity will be turned off, including WiFi. You may choose to turn WiFi on again by tapping on ‘Wi-Fi’ from the settings menu and then sliding the switch to ‘ON’.

Keep in mind that you must always listen to the in flight attendants once aboard an airplane, and only enable WiFi if it’s allowed aboard your flight.

Once you no longer need your iPhone to be in Airplane Mode, simply re-open the settings app, and slide the switch next to ‘Airplane Mode’ to ‘OFF’. This will re-activate your cellular connections again.


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