Want to silence the shutter sound on your iPhone when you take a picture?

Using your iPhone to take a quick picture of something can be very convenient, but what do you do if you want to take a picture of something quietly without anyone knowing about it? You can turn off the shutter sound that your iPhone camera makes quickly and easily so read on and I’ll show you how!

How to turn off the camera shutter sound on an iPhone

If you’ve taken photos with your iPhone before, you know that when you take a picture, your iPhone makes a camera shutter sound as an audible confirmation that you’ve just taken a picture.

But if you are trying to take a picture quietly or without being too obvious, or just don’t want to listen to that shutter sound every time you take a picture there is a way to turn off the shutter sound.

To silence or turn off the camera shutter sound on an iPhone, simply use the mute or vibrate switch on the left side of your iPhone to silence your iPhone. When you put your iPhone on ‘vibrate mode’ this will silence the camera shutter sound.iPhone vibrate switch

Once you un-mute your iPhone or flip the vibrate switch off, your iPhone will make the camera shutter sound again when taking pictures.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an option you’ll find anywhere in the settings menu of the phone to turn it off permanently but at least you can quickly and easily silence it when you need to manually.

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– By Jim Sabellico