Downloading things from the Internet is becoming ever more popular, especially with apps like Dropbox. If you get files from your friends and family, chances are you’ve come across a file that says it is “zipped”. You might have noticed these files, as they have a .zip file extension.  In order to get to these files, you need to extract them. Here’s how.

Things We Assume

You are running Windows 7

You have a file that needs to be unzipped.

Step 1

Your first step will be to download the file from the Internet. Once you’ve done that you should locate the file in Windows Explorer. You can open Windows Explorer by clicking the folder icon at the bottom left hand side of the screen. Then just navigate to the folder that has the file you downloaded.

Step 2

Now that you’ve found the file you need to unzip, right-click on that file. A contextual menu will appear.

Step 3

In that menu, find the item that says “Extract All”. Click it.


Step 4

Next, a new window will appear. It will ask you to select the place where you want the unzipped file to be placed. Normally the default is perfectly fine, as it will be the exact same place the zipped file was located.

Step 5

Click Extract.



And that’s it. Now you can use those files in any manner you choose. The unzipped folder will be in the location you chose in Step 5, which should be in the exact same place as the unzipped version.

One last thing. Don’t be fooled by a zipped folder. Windows will allow you to view the things inside a zipped folder, without unzipping it. It will not let you edit them or move them until you’ve extracted the files from the zipped folder.

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By Matt Weber

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