Do you want to know what a QR Code is?

QR Code images have become increasing popular in marketing and advertising today, appearing everywhere from magazine ads and product packaging, to business cards and websites, so chances are strong that you’re already familiar with QR Code images, but never knew exactly what they were or what to do with them. Read on to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about QR Code.

So what is a QR Code?

qr code
QR Code is short for “Quick Response Code”, a specific type of barcode originally developed for the automotive industry to track vehicle progress during manufacturing. Most recently, QR Codes have found a role in the digital age, now being used mostly for advertising and marketing efforts to allow people to access specific information quickly and easily.

Similar to a product barcode that you would find on just about every product in a store or supermarket, a QR Code contains specific information, meant to be decoded by a barcode scanner (or smartphone app).  Some examples of information you might find in a QR Code would be website links, business contact information, coupon codes, email addresses, or specialty text.

OK, so what do I do with a QR Code?

Like I said earlier, QR Codes are becoming increasingly popular on products and advertisements, so you’re pretty likely to run into one the next time you flip through a newspaper or magazine. So now that you know what a QR Code is, let’s say you find one, you’re thinking….what do i do with it? Scan it!

Jim, do you really think I carry a barcode scanner around with me??

Well, I’d bet a lot of you already are without even knowing it! If you happen to own a smartphone, such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android, or even an iPod touch, iPad, or Android tablet, you can download a QR Reader App, and use your device’s camera to scan the code!

If you don’t already have an app on your device, you can find one for iPhones, iPods, and iPads here, and one for Android devices here.

After you’ve downloaded and installed your app, try it out! The QR Code above contains a link to Tech Help Made Easy’s Facebook page, so if you were to scan the QR Code above using a barcode scanning app on your smartphone, you’d be taken right to the page! (Don’t forget to “Like It” while you’re there!)


For those of you with interest in marketing, advertising, or just really cool stuff, check out this post over at for his post on Creative Uses for QR Code

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– By Jim Sabellico